Beautiful Man

Beautiful Man

Beautiful man
You are still a boy
Pretending to live
Once and enjoy
The pleasures of the world
As if there is no tomorrow
For you.

You believe so.
You made it so.

Beautiful man
You are still a boy
But you break my heart
And my hope you destroy.

I believe in you.
But I can’t save you
If you won’t.

Beautiful man
You are still a boy
But you were damned
A star-crossed envoy.

This world is eating you
And you are giving in.
Life has given you a second chance
And you won’t fit in.

And you didn’t learn
And maybe it’s a bit too late
‘Cause you chose to burn
Than to fade away.

There is no tomorrow
There is no hope
There is no promised land
There is no love.

Beautiful man
You are still a boy.
You break my heart
And I can’t break your fall.

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Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle

You like the night
But you are afraid
Of what you might find
In the dark
Once they
Turn on the light

Danger thrills
But romance kills
The desire for
Idle pleasure

Is forbidden
Is thirst ridden

So you look for your
And alibis
To hunt
Deer in lights

In the dark
The moon is always bright

In the dark
All cats are black

But you met a wolf

So you like to chase
But not being chased
You don’t know
A true animal
After his prey

But if I hold back
You’ll just walk away

What can a wolf do
With its hunger for flesh?

And there is no reality
No touching down
But when the sun comes
The black cat will go home
For it won’t show its colours
And the night will no longer
Be a suitable disguise

But the wolf
Needs not of the night
A wolf
Needs no disguise

But I’ll let you play
You make up your mind
And think that I’ll linger around

Throughout the day
There are more preys
To be found.

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How can I erase the shame
Of being vulnerable
With someone else

How can I mask the scars from my skin
And pretend
There will be none
In the end?

Will my bruises ever heal?

How can I feel
Comfortable with my own self?

Will anyone be worth
The agony
And the hell?

Will a day come in which
I will be
No longer afraid?

Tell me, please.

Will I ever be able
To love again?

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And white
Inside this jail
I’m tight
For centuries
My eyes
Have been lost
At their sight
The people
Passing by
My suffering
In fright
I’m the flesh
Without life
I’m the eternity
Cut by the knife
And the strokes
The rock was given
From the hidden vaults
Of the earth
And into this place
I’ve been stolen
My body
From hand to hand
And so my skin had
Behind velvet ropes
Without any hope
In exposition
Up tall
For everyone to see
But not to hold.

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Talking by Myself

Talking by Myself

I am talking to myself
Pretending to talk
To someone else
Needing to fill in
The gaps
That kept blank

I pretend
That you will listen
To me.
I pretend
That you’re willing
To see me.

And I talk to myself
Pretending to be you
Pretending to get
From you
What still remains

And I ask you
What I need to know.
And you answer me
What I hope
I might listen
From you
I know
That I don’t know
You have to say
Or do
After all
I am myself
I am not you.

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Walking Home

Walking Home

Walking home
Is no easy thing to do
When you’re broken.

Walking home.
Through parks
And churches.

Walking home
Is a long way to go.

Walking home.

Through the memories
And thoughts.
Through dead illusions
And lost hopes.

Walking home
Is no easy thing to do
When you’re broken.

Scattered pieces
Of a dream we thought
Would last.
Smithereens of love
And our lives
In the past.

Walking home
Meant giving up.
Walking home
Healing up.

Walking home.

Walking home
It’s a long dark way to go
Burning bridges
And closing doors.

But I can’t walk home
Not just yet.

I’m on my way
But there’s something
That I might regret.

Walking home
Is not a chance for me.

Walking home
Is forsaking everything
That could be.

Walking home
Is no easy thing to do
When you’re broken
And lost
Amidst doubts and pain.

Walking home.

My heart will
Some when
Take me home.

Take me home.
Walk with me home.

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Pale, cold ice
Through the dawn
‘Til the dusk
She went on her way
Severely looking
At anyone
Who dared to see
Her hips from side
To side
Secret for most everyone
But few men
Among them, me
Is that at nightfall
The blessed virgin
She sought to be
Was nothing more
Than a hungry
Flesh-eating whore
Running through the woods
Herself made up
From the trees
That grew
When she gently
Their seed.
And she ran
Just to be caught
So the men could
From her
And they could
The man inside
In an ecstatic orgy
Side by side.
And when the sun
Came by
No one would complain
Only broken lovers
Her burning

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The Skeleton Army

The Skeleton Army

Cashmere or
They’re polyester
Brands they can’t reach
Them skeletons
Walk on by
With their skin
Soft as china
And their
They strut on the
Which they know
As their own
As they know
Each other
And every other
Of their own
Watching what enters
Their bodies
But only through
Their mouths
As ever thin
They must be
In constant fear
Of the dreadful years
They try to live
Knowing not
They are nothing
But miles and miles
Of perfect bodies
And neurotic bitches
In their egotistic
Knowing not
One day
They’ll be
Nothing but
Beautiful corpses
Mummified in their beauty
And empty
In the

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Romance is Dead

Romance is Dead

Lost are the innocent
The romantics
And the poets
In this world
No one knows any feeling
Where everyone will
And tell.
One must have not
For they are
Daydreams that will end
Once reality
What has been
And kept.
What would
García Lorca and Lord Byron do?
Keats and Rimbaud
In a world
That Love forgot?
War has taken over.
War has made me over.
Romance is dead
So are letters
And the kindness of strangers.
Extinction is coming over
To this holocaust
Of lost souls.
Care not of
What chivalry ever meant.
Think not of
Whatever dreams ever dreamt.
So you can evade any deceit
Just learn and know well
When to retreat
When to attack
When to surrender
And when to give up.

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Nada Me Quedó

Nada Me Quedó

Nada me quedó de ti
Ni un mensaje
Ni una foto
Ni un te quiero
Ni un abrazo
De los besos que nunca fueron
Ni de mi corazón un pedazo
Porque te fuiste sin dejar rastro
Sólo las ruinas
De la explosión
Y tan sólo me queda
Sentarme a coser los retazos
De lo mucho que te quise
De lo poco que te tuve
De lo nada que quedó.

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