Pure Wisdom

Pure Wisdom

Your name
Pure wisdom
Your eyes
The colour of music
’Cause you’re everything
Everything I cannot see
If you read
In between lines
What I have to say
What I’m feeling now
Everything I’ve ever felt
Just keep on walking
Don’t need to tell
What you think
I read your eyes
More than you’ve ever seen
’Cause I can see you
’Cause you can see yourself
In mine
But girl, this man has gone blind
Waiting for your embrace
The lightest word
What four letters say
They call you
Will they call me?
But girl, this man has gone deaf
Waiting for you to whisper
My name
’Cause you’re everything
Mon cœur
Everything I cannot see
Bring back my sight
Make me hear
Your answer
On my lips.

video: “Everything I Cannot See” by Charlotte Gainsbourg.
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One thought on “Pure Wisdom

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