The Greatest

The Greatest

A cold summer day
early in the morning
running through the halls.
Reaching out
for that doorway
that would take me close.
Opened the door
and you were there.
I closed my eyes,
they couldn’t afford to stare.

Back then you didn’t seem to notice
neither did I.
I was so self-absorbed
that I couldn’t feel what would come
in a day
in a life.
So long ago
yet so short in time.

My sight was so blind then
that I never returned
to that frozen classroom
where I could feel your scent.
You were tender
you were nice
you were that loving kind.
One of those
people seem to like.

Long time ago
yet so short in time
I never knew
I’d want to make you mine.
Such a mistake.
You’re just like me
your wings were made to be free
not to depend
not to compromise
just to fly all the way
and return for a little while.

I love to see you fly
and I covet to be your cage
the golden bars
that hide
all of my anger
all of my rage.
You’d give me peace,
you’d give me light
and lighter than air
you’d make me fly.

I was so blind
I could not see
all the perfection sitting
right next to me.
Everything I could see
were just mere illusions
some wet night bad dream.
Time and time
after seeking light
that was never there
deep down inside
I could not bear
the strings that moved my heart
the evil puppeteer
myself apart.

Three years had to pass
for me to come round
for me to finally realize
it was you I had found.
The greatest thought I’ve ever had
hadn’t come from my mind
it just bled down
made itself way through
the corners and the blood
the labyrinths and the time.
It came to my mouth,
and I moved it to my hands
they could color and write
what with words
my lips couldn’t say right.

It wasn’t the time back then
it isn’t the time right now.
In the meantime I’ll just have to
while you get to know
my softer side.
It is not now you’ll read
it is not now you’ll hear
all the things I’ve always kept
within me
protecting you from them
’cause my love always hurts.

‘Cause I’ll want to clip your wings
but leap into the void with you.
Get as close to the sun as we can
and drown ourselves
at the bottom of the ocean.
So long ago
yet so short in time
you called my name once
I just wasn’t all that fine.
A voice never forgotten
a silence I’ll always regret.
When I knew what I really felt
I shouldn’t have let it melt.

‘Cause you’re the greatest thought
I’ve ever had.
‘Cause you’re the greatest love
I’ll ever have.
‘Cause you’re the greatest misery
all the things with which I cannot cope.
You’re my only redemption.
You’re my greatest hope.

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