Roses from Gaza City

Roses from Gaza City

Rising over on the sand
Facing the sea
Together we’ll stand
God Almighty will see
The flowers in bloom
The joyous embrace
The departure of gloom
The beginning of a new phase

As the long awaiting shall end
And peace shall arise
The ashes will convert
This once lost paradise
Into the land of the free
And the home of the jolly
As it was meant to be
The birthplace of the Holy

Where the sun rises in the West
From Jenin to Rafah, Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Where humanity is put to the test
As rains fall over them
Yet no rain lasts for a hundred years
And no cloud can overshadow the light
As the sun will soon dry all of our tears
Right here, among the bright

And I hope for this day to come
When the remnants of war shall give way
When death into beauty shall become
As every day for this I pray
When hearts are no longer cold
And joy can replace pity
For the day I can finally hold
Roses from Gaza City.

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