It all started with a word
A shy hello
A steamy goodbye
And after you I was getting close
You said yes
I said no
And so on the words ran
Words of flesh
Sound of man
What letters can write
A poetic one-night-stand
Sweat and heat through the night
Furtively my delight
Forbidden fantasy
Fruit and ripe
Touch me
Make me go wild
As only the unknown can
Be the hunter
And let me hide
I’m gonna be there
To see you run
A cigarette by the window
And starry skies
Hunt me down
And take me in your arms
I’m a spider web
I’ve caught you in between my thighs
And though I’ve never seen you before
I know you for a lifetime
With the heat of my tongue
Through the soft and the hard
Throw down your arms
It’s your language
I want to speak
Now that nobody else knows
You’re here with me
Once and twice
Early mornings and late nights
Discover my ways
And I’ll trail through yours
And though you may not recall
We’ve done it before
Distant yet so close
Want your body for breakfast
I want your sex overdose
Love me tonight
Though you love me not
For a simple night is better
Than a lifetime of regret
My little adventure
I’ll cherish you with me
Nothing special
I’m finally free
Love me tonight
Though you love me not
And you know baby, I’ve done it
And after you I’m running
‘Cause baby I’m gonna make you love me
Whether you like it or not.


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