And suddenly we remain silent
Standing one next to the other
Eye to eye
Only hearing us breathe
Sound so sublime
And then I feel your wetness in me
And I’m a deer in the lights
As I ran back
And you’re in me
And I’m an infant in delight
As I ran forth
And I’m in you
Speaking your language
As you speak mine
Your hands start to unravel me
And we’re divine
Changing the geography of the world
Mountains rise
Oceans burn
While we speak
In the night
Away from them stars
In the dark
Hidden from the evil eyes
And the grinning world
And you discover me
And you travel my skin
The trails and paths that get to me
And I’m pushing you
Get where I want
My hands on your face
I’m an animal eating its prey
And we speak but we don’t
And to your ear I whisper
The words you want to hear
I’m begging you please
Don’t let go of me
And then with my eyes I ask you to ask again
And we no longer stand
We’re no longer men
We’re muscles and bones
And blood in the end
A light in the fog
Of my pale skin next to you
And you’re cinnamon
And you’re a cloud
I touch you with my fingers
And nothing remains still
And I give way
To your strong embrace
And I’m yours
In my sweet dreams
And I’m yours
Whenever you start to speak
I’m a volcano
And you’ll be my Pompeii
My ashes will dress you
And I taste your fruit
Sweet and swell
And I want to taste them
All over again
They’re the secret islands
We were foretold
Those we never
Should’ve gone to know
And I’ll conquer them
To you
My flag they’ll flame
And you’re mine
And you grab my head
And take me to you
The tender spear
Of the ancient gods
Goes through me
And stumbles my speech
Its ambrosia
Your taste in me
And your naked skin I caress
Its velvet and its leather
And it’s you
And it’s me
And my arms reach out for your heart
To grab it in my hands
And eat it out
And it’s you that eats my words
Wrapping your spider webs
Around my back
And it’s my name what I hear from you now
That’s all we know
Although I may be John Doe
As well
You know
But none of that matters now
In the sensual world
It’s me now
Uncovering your realm
And I go inside
And I go further in
To the middle of nowhere
To the center of our guilt
But it’s so sweet
And it’s so bright
The look you have
In your eyes
And I go back
And then again in
I can’t decide
If this is love yet
Or just a dream
And I’m a volcano
Hold on to me tight
I’m a volcano
Don’t give up this fight
And drag me to you
And eat my heart out too
And whisper soft to me too
And speak my language too
And catch me while I ran way
So you can sway me back again
And I want to end
Whenever you do
We can’t merge in one
What was created as two
But then again one we are
And so we go
Je t’aime, mon cœur
Je t’aime tant
Don’t let go of me
Don’t you let me go
As I’m diving
As deep as we have ever gone
Deeper and deeper
Inside of me
And you
And I’m a volcano
About to explode
You are my Pompeii
Don’t let me go
Take me in your arms
And hold me close
I’m a volcano
About to explode
Hold me in your arms
And take me close
You’re my Pompeii
And death comes for us both
For a second
Don’t let me go
I’m inside you
And you’re inside me
I’m a volcano
About to explode
Mountains above
And miles below
I’m a volcano
My heart
I’m a volcano
I’m a volcano
About to explode.

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