Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket

Got my leather jacket
And my black gloves
I’m gonna show you how
You fucked everything up
Come with me, baby
We’re going on a ride
Who knows where we’re going, maybe
We’ll both die tonight.

You gotta know something
But I bet you won’t
The line was so thin
‘Cause I used to love you, but now I don’t
But I feel no deception
And I shed no tears
So here’s my confession
You’ve met your greatest fear.

Don’t worry, darling
I won’t be quick
I wanna see you suffer
As I did when you quit
With that fucking little picture
Through the looking glass
What a dreadful kind of torture
You, your tight shirt and your lack of class.

Get inside the room
We’re in for a very long night
Just get inside the motherfucking room!
You know everything will be alright
And I don’t care if you cry
If you tell me you’ll love me right
And I don’t care if you try
‘Cause nothing’s good now deep inside.

Lie down on the bed
We’re gonna have a talk
You need to know now I’m fed
And you turned my heart into rock
And how much I risked for you
My soul settled on the line
And I couldn’t oblige you, it’s true
But I’m gonna make you mine.

And once my flesh is satisfied
From you I’ll need nothing more
‘Cause you know, darling, I often lied
You weren’t my lover, you’re just a whore
Seeking attention from others
Little clothes, lots of skin
Your beautiful smile I’ll smother
‘Cause you’ve unleashed the beast within.

Now you’re nothing but a bad memory
And some pounds of beautiful meat
Forever my personal victory
I’ve crushed your deceit
And I know I’m going to hell
And I’m sure I’ll meet you there
I’ve got thousands of sins to tell
But I regret nothing, baby, I swear!

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