The Cross Upon My Chest

The Cross Upon My Chest

I carry a cross
Upon my chest
Hanging from my neck
Hanging from a beautiful chain
And I don’t care if it gives me bad luck
As my mother says
‘Cause that cross is true
And that cross is you.

And I bear it with pride
But I can’t handle myself
And the life it will take away
And the dreams that start to fade
If I sit here
And don’t run away.

The cross I must carry
But I don’t want to
The cross that turned my blood
Into vinegar
And my hopes
Into dusk.

And I bear it resigned
‘Cause it won’t go away
A perfect plan designed
Everything going astray.

And I try to keep calm
Living one day at a time
And two minutes turn into one
And a day into a month
And the clock cares not of my fate
And I’m a couple of years too late.

And I’m an ocean
Waiting still
My waves won’t reach you
And take you with me
Until the very last moment
When there’s nothing left to lose
Once I have lost everything
My landscapes, my bones
My youth.

And I’m an ocean
Trapped in a lake
Fragile as a castle
In a snowflake
Oblivious to the truth
Underneath the waves
Oblivious to the truth
Hiding inside my caves.

And I hate myself
‘Cause I know I’m right
And I hate myself
‘Cause I know I can’t fight
And I carry a cross upon my chest
And that is you
And I don’t know how to pass this test
All I know it’s true.

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