Ariadne and Theseus

Ariadne and Theseus

We were a castle in the sand
Oh so glorious
So fragile and naïve
One that no one could touch
Nor see
Built up solely
In our secrecy.

And in the night we’d walk
Hand in hand
Stars in the distance
Hearts so close
A love no one would
Ever get to know.

You gave me the golden thread
That would take me away
Out of this maze
Enlighten my days
And so it did
And it took me to you
And it took you to me.

We were heroes
Of ancient times
A story so well written
No one could find.

So when we got to the sea
We set our castle on fire
It burned so bright
Its light I admired
And whilst you went to the shore
And left me on the strand
All I saw were the things
We could’ve been
Dreams that distance couldn’t stand.

And those dreams
Tumbled to the flames
The burning ashes
That made our name
Ashes no one would find
You and me
Leaving ourselves behind.

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