New Land

New Land

I am Hiroshima and Nagasaki
I am Rome burning
The widows of war
I am the horror
And the lore.

I am the ashes
Of a bonfire
I am the smithereens
Of the Twin Towers
The lost hopes
The dust and the fog.

I am the terror
You left me with
I am the fear
On a dead end street.

I am the despair
Of those in need
I am the unfair
Victims of greed.

I am Paris and London
Warsaw and New York
I am the bodies
Underneath a rock.

I am the city
I need to rebuild
I am the fright
And the undeserved guilt.

I am the hands
Taking the pieces
One by one
I am the future
The new start.

I am the courage
The strength in the heart
Of a man
I am the promise
Of a new land.

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