Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle

You like the night
But you are afraid
Of what you might find
In the dark
Once they
Turn on the light

Danger thrills
But romance kills
The desire for
Idle pleasure

Is forbidden
Is thirst ridden

So you look for your
And alibis
To hunt
Deer in lights

In the dark
The moon is always bright

In the dark
All cats are black

But you met a wolf

So you like to chase
But not being chased
You don’t know
A true animal
After his prey

But if I hold back
You’ll just walk away

What can a wolf do
With its hunger for flesh?

And there is no reality
No touching down
But when the sun comes
The black cat will go home
For it won’t show its colours
And the night will no longer
Be a suitable disguise

But the wolf
Needs not of the night
A wolf
Needs no disguise

But I’ll let you play
You make up your mind
And think that I’ll linger around

Throughout the day
There are more preys
To be found.

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